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Porto Tolle

From Ca' Tiepolo to Polesine dei Sospiri

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Starting location:  Porto Tolle
Place of arrival:  Porto Tolle
Municipalities crossed:  Porto Tolle, Porto Tolle


Itinerario 5From the village of Porto Tolle, the largest borough in Italy except Rome, it is possible, either going down along the left bank of Po di Goro or along the right bank of Po di Gnocca (or Po della Donzella), to reach the most southern part of the Veneto Park of the Po Delta, the “ Polesine dei Sospiri”. A careful observation of the wide rural landscape at the beginning of the route, close to a wide business court, can make the excursionist catch the particular signs of a not yet cancelled past, such as the Canal of Ca Vendramin, now filled with earth, which connected the two Po branches, allowing its navigation. It is still possible to see what remains of the locks in the old navigation valley after the readjustment made, in order to use it as a water plant, at the end of the bombings in World War 2 and definitively left some decades ago. The great extent of the rural landscape permits a complete vision of what has happened in the Delta in terms of historical evolution and typology of the rural houses: from the large Veneto patriciate's summer residence to the labourers' poor houses, who still enjoyed “ the millenary wandering privilege”, in order to survive: share-cropping houses, courts with their little comforts, a stable properly used for the real number of cattle necessary for the estate ploughing, houses after the rural reformation now almost completely left for the return to the large rural property. 400 years of rural house evolution in the Delta can be seen at the same time by the same observation place. In the most southern part of the park the lighthouse of Goro on the other side of the Po , a not complete view due to the cane fields' extent. It is an area with red herons and duck- hawks. After a nostalgic passage on the boat bridge of S. Giulia it is possible to reach the isle of Donzella (maybe it refers to the noble Farsetti' s beautiful daughter) and then the Sacca degli Scardovari , a magical protected sea mirror of great economical interest for local fishermen who breed mussels from sowing to harvesting , always with their waist in water, almost a return to rice-pickers and rice-fields' times which Newrealism masterpieces handed down. The way back towards Porto Tolle is also very interesting , along the “ lost branch” of Po di Ca Mello , whose last tract forms the present Oasis of Camello with hydraulic manufactured works which, even in a curious way such as Ponte Colpi, witness the negative effects of methane extractions in the territory of the Delta for a decade.

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