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Fratta Polesine

Tartaro - Fissaro - Canalbianco Itinerary

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Starting location:  Melara
Place of arrival:  Porto Viro
Length:  109,5 Km
Municipalities crossed:  Melara, Castelnovo Bariano, Giacciano con Baruchella, Trecenta, Bagnolo di Po, Castelguglielmo, San Bellino, Fratta Polesine, Pincara, Villamarzana, Frassinelle Polesine, Arqu Polesine, Bosaro, Rovigo, Ceregnano, Adria, Loreo, Porto Viro
Elements of natural:  Giare eddy at Bergantino; wood of Tartaro Marola eddy at Castelnovo Bariano; Dofin eddy at Pincara; basin of Volta Grimana at Loreo; fishing valleys and sea-inlet at Cavallari at Porto Viro


Elements of historical and cultural: churches and villas of historic town centre at Trecenta; villa Ariosto at Bagnolo di Po; church of S. Michele Arcangelo and villa Nani Mocenigo at Canda; church of S. Nicola di Bari at Castelguglielmo; villa Pelà-Galvani and Oratory of Santa Margherita at Presciane; Cà Moro at S. Bellino; church of S. Giovanni Battista, Museum of Antiche Distillerie Mantovani and Cà Bernarda at Pincara; Pizzon mill at Fratta Polesine; Cà Pesaro at Frassinelle Polesine; water-scooping plant at Bresparola at Bosaro; villa Torelli at Arquà Polesine; church of Cristo Alluvionato at Lama Polesine; villa Menotti-Cervati at Gavello; water-scooping plant Cengiaretto, water-scooping plant Retratto, water-scooping plant Amolara, water-scooping plant Cavanella, villa Grassi Baroni, villa Papadopoli, buildings and churches of historic town centre at Adria; church of la Madonna del Pilastro at Loreo; museum of La Corte at Cà Capello
Type of fund:  57,7% asphalt - 42,3% dirt
Roads low traffic:  57,7%
Dirt roads, towpaths and driveways:  42,3%
Slopes and cycle and pedestrian lanes: 0%
Current Cycling: 100%
Whether passable with care: 350 m at Canda, Bosaro and Loreo
Accessibility by train:  reasonable. The station nearest to the starting point is Ostiglia, in province of Verona (at 4-5 km); from there to Arquà Polesine there are no connections with the railway network. Arquà Polesine is on the line Bologna-Padova, while all the other main towns crossed to the east of Rovigo are connected to the line Rovigo-Chioggia. There are no points of interchange with the railway around the finishing point
Connections with other routes:  at Torretta with itinerary 6; at Trecenta with itinerary 7; at Pincara with itinerary 8; at Pontecchio Polesine with itinerary 9; at Adria with itinerary 10; at Donada with itinerary 11; at Porto Levante with itinerary 12
Links with other provinces:  at Zelo for Legnago


Linear itinaerary along the Tartaro Canalbianco (from Melara) and the Po di Levante (from Loreo), mostly on roads with little traffic and canals.

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