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S. Martino di Venezze

Right Adige Itinerary

Visualizza Badia Polesine - Rosolina Mare in una mappa di dimensioni maggiori


Starting location:  Badia Polesine
Place of arrival:  Rosolina
Length:  82,7 Km
Municipalities crossed:  Badia Polesine, Lendinara, Lusia, Rovigo, S. Martino di Venezze, Pettorazza Grimani, Loreo, Rosolina
Elements of natural:  Bisatello quarry and Villa d'Adige flood-plain at Badia Polesine; lake Lezze at Pettorazza Grimani; fossil dunes and fishing valleys at Rosolina


Elements of historical and cultural: historic town centre and Museum Civico Baruffaldi at Badia Polesine; knotted column and tower of the ancient castle Morosini at Lusia; church of S. Martino and Mangilli Valmarana building at S. Martino di Venezze; building Corni-Balzarin at Beverare; church of B.V. of le Grazie, church of S. Giuseppe and villa Grimani at Pettorazza Grimani
Type of fund:  25,8% asphalt - 74,2% dirt
Roads low traffic:  25,8%
Dirt roads, towpaths and driveways:  72,3%
Slopes and cycle and pedestrian lanes: 1,9%
Current Cycling: 100%
Whether passable with care: None
Accessibility by train:  Quite good. The starting and finishing points are connected by the railway lines Legnago-Rovigo and Rovigo-Chioggia, even if the station of Rosolina is a few kilometres from the route. Along the itinerary, the changeover to the railway service may occur at the stations of Lendinara and Rovigo, which are at a distance of 3-4 km from the route
Connections with other routes:  at Badia Polesine with itinerary 2 and itinerary 7; at Barbuglio with itinerary 8; at Boara Polesine with itinerary 9; at Pettorazza Grimani with itinerary 10; at Volto with itinerary 11; at Portesine with itinerary 12
Links with other provinces:  at Badia Polesine for Legnago; at San Martino di Venezze for Este; at Volto for Chioggia


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